Premier Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Trail hosted by Founder Beau Reed, spanning from Central, Texas to North Texas. This site is dedicated to the kayak tournament fishing entity, known as, Capital City Kayak Fishing.  We are currently the fastest growing, most innovative, freshwater kayak bass fishing tournament trail in the US. To date, I believe the level of participation, our sponsors support, the structure of our payouts, combined with the awards and high quality raffle prizes makes us the most valuable freshwater kayak bass fishing tournament trail in the US, when looking at tournaments with a $100 entry fee per individual. We currently host tournaments every month of the year.  February through June is our Individuals Tournament Series. 2014 is a points race  to attain the award of "Angler of the Year", of which 2014 was taken by Adam "Chubbs" Hansen, of Austin, Texas.



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   cckf members qualified for the 2016 kayak bass fishing nation championship
hosted by chad hoover
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1. Jason Delfraisse
2. Brandon Campbell
3. Adam chubbs hansen
4. bryan tucker
5. John stockman
6. Bobby Lebeuf
Congratulations to Bobby Lebeuf  for taking home the win, and big bass on stillhouse hollow resevoir  and becomes the sixth cckf member who has qualified for the 2016 kbf national championship!            may 09  2015

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Other CCKF Member Tournament News

Jan 2015:
Dylan Looze                  Fishing For Radley          Decker Lake          January 24th, 2015          1st Place          Powerboat

Feb 2015:
Bobby Supak                 KATS Event #1                Ladybird Lake       February 21st, 2015         3rd Place         Kayak
Brandon Campbell         KATS Event #1                Ladybird Lake       February 21st, 2015         Big Bass          Kayak

Mar 2015:

Beau Reed                     KFL Palestine                 Lake Palestine       March 28th, 2015              Big Bass         kayak

April 2015:
Derek Lee Taylor            TTZ Weds Nighter          Lake Austin            April 22nd, 2015                1st Place        Powerboat
Bobby Lebeuf                 KATS Event #                 Decker Lake           April 25th, 2015                3rd Place        Kayak

May  2015:

June 2015:

July  2015:

Aug  2015:

Sept 2015:

Oct 2015:

Nov 2015:

Dec 2015:

john stockman claims 1st place and big

bass on  beautiful lake arlington

April 25th 2015

John Stockman cuts an official 1st Place Check, by over-coming the odds of life, on Lake Arlington!

adam hansen bested the conditions and

competition to take home the win on

 Lake whitney

march 21st 2015
Adam Hansen cuts an official $1,008 1st Place Check, by besting the competition at Lake Whitney.

Jason Delfraisse goes BIG and takes

 home the w at the smith optics

 wildcard event on OH ivie                   02.0915

sorry, no pictures available...accidental mass deletion incident

bobby lebeuf take home the big win and big bass and takes 1st place at stillhouse hollow resevoir with 87.75  cumulative inches
may 9th 2

Bobby Lebeuf cashes in big at Stillhouse Hollow Resevoir, by taking 1st Place AND Big Bass with a solid 87.25"!

bryan tucker proves himself on unfamiliar waters and takes 1st place at lake belton 

with 76.25  cumulative inches          
april 11th 2

Bryan Tucker cuts an official $1,890 1st Place Check, by besting the competition at Lake Belton.

Brandon Campbell takes another victory on Lake travis, but takes home more than ever!

with 79.50  cumulative inches          
March 7th 2

Brandon Campbell cuts an official $1,930 1st Place Check, by bringing in a 5 Fish Limit, besting a 33 Angler Tournament Field

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